To volunteer for signature gathering of Sacramento County residents for PARMCA2012 email csparc.sac@gmail.com. Help us make history and be a part of the solution. TO RETURN PETITIONS CONTACT (888) 824-6863 OR DELIVER THEM TO 2045 HALLMARK DR., SUITE 6, SACRAMENTO 95825. Call for office hours.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Presenting CSPARC to Sac County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday, December 11th at 3:15 p.m.

On December 11th at 3:15 p.m., cannabis advocates will present over 30,000 signatures of Sacramento County voters to Board of Supervisors in favor of sensible medical cannabis regulations. The Committee for Safe patient Access to Regulated Cannabis (CSPARC) calls for the Board to come back to table and establish guidelines limited access points and clear regulations. Supporters will file the initiative again and take it to the voter’s if necessary. Press conference begins at 4:00 p.m.
Who: The Committee for Safe Patient Access to regulated Cannabis (CSPARC), local medical cannabis advocates and supporters, and over 30,000 Sacramento County residents who signed petitions in support of sensible medical cannabis regulations and distribution points.
Contacts- Kimberly Cargile- Committee Coordinator and Local Patient Advocate- (707) 616-7198
                  Mickey Martin- Committee Coordinator and Author of Medical Marijuana 101- (510) 377-1990

When: December 11th, 2012
·         Support Rally and Candlelight Vigil (weather permitting) at 2:00 p.m.
·         Presentation to Board of Supervisors- on Agenda for 3:15 p.m. meeting
·         Press Conference at 4:00 p.m.

Where: Sacramento County Board of Supervisors Chambers- County Administration Center –
700 H Street, Room 1450 in Sacramento, CA. (Press Conference outside West Side of building after)

Why: To present over 30,000 signatures to the Board in hopes of them reconsidering their position on medical cannabis and coming back to the table with advocates to develop sensible regulations for medical cannabis. We believe residents of Sacramento County deserve better than to have to simply go somewhere else if they are patients qualified to use medical cannabis. A fair amount of dispensing collectives in the county makes sense for public safety by taking medical cannabis transactions off of our streets; and they also can provide hundreds of good paying jobs for local residents. The goal is to find a happy medium with the Board and encourage them to consider the needs of their constituents.

Moving Forward: Currently there are thousands of medical cannabis patients that are forced to drive long distances to access cannabis medicines. The Board of Supervisors enacted a backdoor ban in December of 2011 that outlawed all cannabis-related activity, including personal patient cultivation. We believe this ban was unconstitutional, as a body cannot move to simply ignore state law. We are asking that the Board of Supervisors reconsider their ban, and work with the community to develop regulations that encourage public safety and consider the needs of the community.

The medical cannabis community is prepared to organize another initiative drive and take the issue to the voters; but we would much rather work with the elected Board of Supervisors to do the work of the people and avoid a costly and unnecessary election process. It is the duty of our local representatives to find a better method of dealing with medical cannabis than simply working to make qualified patients, and their providers, outlaws. We encourage the Board to review the initiative we have developed, which we feel is fair and balanced in its approach. The citizens of Sacramento County deserve solutions.

Friday, June 29, 2012

The Bad News and The Good News

Unfortunately it looks like we will likely come up short for making the November Ballot. That is the bad news. We needed 42,300 signatures and we came up with about 25,000 and still counting, so far. The reality is that we never had enough money and the money we did have was too little too late. It has been a rough time for fundraising and the eight statewide petitions that we were competing with were overwhelming. We needed to have our signatures in by Monday at the latest to ensure we made the cutoff for the November ballot. We missed that goal.

THE GOOD NEWS...We still have until July 23rd to get the signatures we need to make a future ballot. It would take a bold and unified effort from the activist community to make it happen. Believe we have not given up by any means; but WE NEED HELP. LIKE NOW!

We need at least another 40-50,000 signatures to qualify this. It sounds like a lot. The reality is that it is; but it is FAR FROM IMPOSSIBLE. I am not sure if there is any renewed sense of urgency in the patient and activist community in CA and in Sacramento, but if you ever wanted to step up and do your part to make cannabis more accessible for patients and help us lift the ban on patient and collective cultivation in Sac County, YOU MUST ACT NOW!

If 100 Activist and Supporters committed to gathering 500 signatures each over the next 3 weeks, we could pull this off. I can commit to my 500 right now. If any other activists want to step up to the plate to help us pull this thing off call 888-824-6863; or email csparc.sac@gmail.com. We will get you all set up. We still have our offices open and Kimberly will still be working until we are finished.

We unfortunately cannot afford to pay signature gatherers any longer, as our funding commitments decided to restock the war-chest for another run at this initiative in the near future; but we do have a lot of good incentives for activists and volunteers who want to help us keep going.

It continues to be a great campaign. We have seen and learned a lot about the community and have been very grateful from the response we have received by most all. It has been refreshing to be a part of. Much of the patient and activist community has come together to find a more unified voice. It is inspiring. We understand the magnitude of the project we have taken on and hope we can finish it off with a great last push from the dedicated Sacramento patient community,

BUT YOU MUST GET OFF THE COUCH AND COLLECT SOME SIGNATURES NOW IF WE WANT THIS TO HAPPEN. That is the bottom line. We are well on our way, but we will need some hard work and dedication over the next weeks to qualify the Patients Access to Regulated Medical Cannabis Act for a future ballot. A miracle is not likely to happen; but a SOLID EFFORT from a passionate and unified community could still get us to our ultimate goal of patient access to personal choice cannabis medicines.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Turning in your signatures this week and where we are at...

Greeting CSPARC Supporters, Volunteers, and Signature Gathering Peoples,

This is the final week we will be paying cash for signatures. All signatures need to be turned in by 5:00 pm on Thursday to get paid. They can be turned in to 2045 Hallmark Drive, Suite 6 in Sacramento 95825 (Map Below). 

If you are volunteering to collect signatures PLEASE TURN THEM IN TOO! We need to do a final count this Friday and see if we will make the November ballot so it is IMPERATIVE that we get all signatures in this week! If you have one signature or one-hundred PLEASE bring them in. If you need one of us to come pick them up, email or call us and we will make arrangements. 

We are hopeful that there are tens of thousands of signatures left in the field that will push us over the edge. The reality is that it will have to be a pretty huge effort for us to make our goal of turning them in next Monday, so that we may qualify for the November ballot. But even if we are still short come Friday, we WILL be carrying on a volunteer basis and there will still be a big push to get the needed signatures and still qualify for either a special election or the following election cycle. So regardless, you can still help us fight to return patients' rights to Sac County until Sunday, July 22nd. Our final final turn in day, if we need it, will be Monday July 23rd. 

It has been a difficult campaign season to say the least. Eight statewide ballots were circulating paying up to $3-4 per signature. It has been difficult to compete for limited manpower in the signature industry in such a heavy election cycle. We are hopeful there are a lot of signatures out there unaccounted for that will come in this week and push us over the edge. We shall see. Regardless, it has been a awesome effort by a dedicated group of volunteers, donors, supporters, and friends that have come together and continued the fight for cannabis freedom. 

Whatever happens, this campaign has educated many and opened many eyes to the injustice of the situation in Sacramento County. It has been inspiring to see so many in the community step up in these chaotic times to do the work and make this campaign happen. There has been no shortage of roadblocks along our way, with dozens of collectives closing and an all out assault on our community like we have not seen in years. The County of Sacramento can be proud of the people who stepped up in the face of agression and helped us to craft a great initiative that we will hopefully be able to make law sooner than later.

So get those petitions in this week. We will be sending out an email late Friday with more info on where we are, and where we will be going from there. Thank you all so much. Those who have participated and helped this happen are all heroes and I cannot personally thank you enough for your efforts. 

Be Well,
Mickey Martin
CSPARC Coordinator

Sacramento, CA 95825

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

EB Express/SNR Article. We are on track to victory.

Source: http://www.eastbayexpress.com/LegalizationNation/archives/2012/06/04/capital-counter-attack-sac-dispensary-initiative-on-track

Capital Counter-Attack: Sac Dispensary Initiative On Track

David Downs —  Mon, Jun 4, 2012 at 8:00 AM

The statewide crackdown on medical marijuana hit Sacramento County the hardest. Not only did federal and local drug warriors exterminate the county's thriving crop of dispensaries, the county banned homegrowing and has begun harassing small gardeners. Those days look numbered, however.
A group of closed dispensary operators including Kimberly Cargile of Common Roots and David Spradlin of Magnolia Wellness, plus 240 volunteers and campaign coordinator Mickey Martin of Martinez is working to end the homegrow ban, as well as permit, tax and regulate about 20 dispensaries. The group is using the county initiative process to install local law by popular vote, going over the heads of county supervisors.
The group has met its funding goals of about $100,000, said Martin, and the “Patient Access to Regulated Medical Cannabis Act of 2012” has gathered about 20,000 signatures. It'll need about 42,300 valid signatures to qualify for the November ballot. Professional signature gatherers picked up the initiative last week, fanning out at events like Pride Weekend in Sacramento. The Committee for Safe Patient Access to Regulated Cannabisintends to gather even more signatures and file at least 60,000 of them by late June, said Martin.
Once the signatures are verified, PARMCA2012 should appear on the November ballot, setting up what will be a close contest. Sacramento County voters are split evenly on the issue, Martin said, but a vote on it is beginning to look certain.
“We think June is going to be a big month and we're going to be able to pull it off without any problems,” Martin said.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Get Paid to Gather Signatures in Sac County!

We are in need of signatures to qualify the Patients Access to Regulated Medical Cannabis Act of 2012 for the Ballot. We are paying $1 for every valid signature gathered. If you want to get involved and make some fun money on the side to help us push this thing over the edge please contact us as soon as possible. We have about 30 days left to get it done.

For info email: csparc.sac@gmail.com or call 888-824-6863

We look forward to your help. Thanks for your support.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What we are fighting for...Please Help!

Dear friends of medical cannabis,

Below is an email we received from a local patient named Shannon who has had her garden threatened due to the medical cannabis ban put in place by the Sac County Board of Supervisors. It represents one of many incidents that we have recently heard about as we enter the growing season.

The Patients Access to Regulated Medical Cannabis Act of 2012 removes this ban and returns a patient's right to cultivate, as well as establishing over 20 new dispensaries n the county.

I live in Sacramento County and just planted a week ago.. The Sheriff just left and told me I had to dig it all up in 24hrs. Is this true? I've been a farmer for years and never had this problem, although I just moved to this house. Can you please tell me if this is true? I honestly believe my neighbor called :-( 

Patients are directly under attack. If we can qualify the initiative for the ballot prior to the end of June we may be able to roll back some of this overzealous enforcement. Please help us to make a difference.

We have almost 20,000 signatures and they are beginning to pour in by the thousands. We need money to pay for the final signatures to qualify it for the November election. To help us reach our goal you can visit www.RegulateSac.org and either click on the donate button there, or visit our donation site directly here: https://secure.piryx.com/donate/he3EtIgN/CSPARC/signatures.

We also need volunteers to help with signature gathering and validation. To sign up visit: http://www.regulatesac.org/volunteers

Anything you can do to help us to return access and the right to cultivate to people like Shannon would be most appreciated. Thanks for your support.

The Committee for Safe Patient Access to Regulated Cannabis
Sacramento, CA
www.RegulateSac.org and www.CSPARC.org
Phone: 888-824-6863
Email: CSPARC.sac@gmail.com

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sac County patients need your help. Please help us lift the ban and restore access!

Please Forward Widely!

Greetings All,

  • Over 10,000 signatures gathered
  • Dozens of paid signature gatherers started working on PARMCA this week!
  • We have raised nearly $70,000 to pay for signatures. We need a little over $30k more.
  • We have over 150 volunteers helping with the effort.
  • Over a dozen local collective groups have made generous donations to our campaign. 
  • Over a hundred individuals have donated to our campaign. 
  • We are meeting our current objectives for signatures and are on pace to make the ballot if we secure funding.

It is crunch time for the Patients Access to Regulated medical Cannabis Act in Sacramento County. The last statewide petition ends this week and all local petitioners are beginning to take on our petition. We have a field coordinator who has begun to gather signatures by the bunches for us that we are paying $1.25 each for. We are beginning to see thousands of signatures come in every couple of days. It is very exciting.

We have secured almost $70,000 of funding for the signatures. We need help from the community to make it over the hump. Can you help? Any size donation is much appreciated. We have until the end of May to make up the difference if we want to qualify this thing for the ballot and lift the ban on medical cannabis in Sacramento County. Tens of thousands of patients there are entering a growing season unsure about the ramifications of their garden due to a draconian ban placed there in December. If we can qualify for the ballot we may be able to roll back enforcement there by June! Please help us reach our goal.

We have over 150 volunteers working part time on the campaign, many helping us to verify signatures as they come in and some working local events for us. We are grateful for their hard work and welcome many more to join us on this journey.

To donate visit www.RegulateSac.org and click on the donate button. There is also a fundraising letter and donation card attached to this email if you want to mail it in. Information on the initiative is there for you to view as well. We hope you will help us meet our fundraising goal in time to meet our deadline in June. Thanks for helping us to restore sanity to patient access in Sac County. 

In Solidarity,
The Committee for Safe Patient Access to Regulated Cannabis
Sacramento, CA
Find Us on FB Here
Phone: 888-824-6863

Free thermometers
to track your fundraisers

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

State of the Campaign: We need your help!

Things are beginning to heat up around the old campaign headquarters. Statewide petitions mostly ended last week, meaning there is a lot more local focus on our petition. We have secured funding for almost half of  the professional signature gathering, but still need to raise another $55,000 to pull this thing off. Can you help?

We are also in need of volunteers to help with validating signatures, as well as gathering signatures at local events. Can you help? Below are some event calendars and we are always looking for other great places, so let us know if we missed something.

To get involved with the campaign and help out either call (888) 824-6863 or email csparc.sac@gmail.com. Visit www.RegulateSac.org for information on the initiative and the campaign. You can sign up to volunteer there too.

WE NEED MONEY!!! If you can spare even $5 it will help. If all patients who were affected by what this law can do just put in $5 we would be to our goal already. Many great folks have stepped up and pitched in and we could not be more happy. Thanks to the folks who have gotten us this far. WE NEED MORE HELP! We have about 6 weeks to raise the other half of the funds and it is going to take a big push from everyone to make it happen. Please dig deep and give often. To donate by check or credit card online visit herehttps://secure.piryx.com/donate/he3EtIgN/CSPARC/signatures. You can also mail a check to the address above made out to CSPARC. We appreciate your help on this very important campaign.

click to enlarge
click to enlarge

Be a part of the action and help bring medical cannabis back to Sacramento County. This will be the biggest victory for patient access this election season. Please join the cause and help us meet our goals.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Gearing up for the big push...

With 4/20 hear this week, our big push to get the Patients Access to Regulated Medical Cannabis Act of 2012 on the ballot. It is time to make it happen, or not. So it is all hands on deck. If you have not begun to get involved to remove the ban on patients rights and restore patient access in the County, now is the time to step up and get involved.

What you can do to help:

We need signatures. If you can take a day or two a week to help us gather signatures it could help us make a big difference. To get signed up go to www.RegulateSac.org/volunteers and fill out the short form, or email csparc.sac@gmail.com. We can get you all set up, trained and on the streets. We are also doing teams of volunteers for events. Below is a list of upcoming events where you can help us gather signatures. We can also set you up at a local hot spot if you have a good day you want to dedicate to the cause. The one who gathers the most signatures wins a trip!

We need money. It is impossible for us to gather the 80,000 plus signatures we need with just volunteers, so we have contracted with some local crews of professional gatherers to help us fill the gap. This will cost a great deal of money, so anything you can donate to the cause would really help. You can donate online here: https://secure.piryx.com/donate/he3EtIgN/CSPARC/signatures, or you can mail a check or money order to our offices at 2045 Hallmark Dr., Suite 6, Sacramento, CA 95815. To make other arrangements please email us at csparc.sac@gmail.com.

The clock is ticking so we hope you will step up and be a part of the solution. Let us know if there is an event or fundraising opportunity you think would benefit our cause. We appreciate the over 100 people who have already signed up to volunteer. If you cannot gather signatures, but still want to volunteer there is plenty of work to do in the office to verify signatures and to call people for us. Call (888) 824-6863 if you would like to volunteer for CSPARC. Thanks!

Friday, April 13, 2012


Come out for a night of fun and excitement at Harlows, next Friday on the big 4-20. Should be a great time!

Saturday, March 31, 2012


Attention all CSPARC signature volunteers!

Next Saturday we will be meeting at our offices at 2045 Hallmark Drive, Suite 6 in Sac to go out and collect signatures in groups in Mid-Town. We will provide good food to get us going, and then we will go out for a few hours, and all return for a pizza party around 4:20. We hope you can be a part of this awesome time and come get to know some of your fellow volunteers.


WHERE: Meet at offices- 2045 Hallmark Dr., Suite 6 in Sacramento 95825

WHEN: PLEASE MEET AT 11 am for snacks and strategy. We will head out around 11:30-Noon as teams arrive. Done at 4:00. Meet for pizza at 4:20 pm.

WHY: To gather much needed signatures for our petition drive. Every valid signature saves us $1

Wear comfortable shoes and appropriate gear for going door-to-door or working at a fixed location.

Friday, March 16, 2012


The campaign to return medical cannabis to Sacramento County is going well. We are off and running with roughly 40 volunteers helping on our efforts. We are in DESPERATE NEED of more help ASAP! We need to gather 80-100,000 signatures by May 24th and it is going to take an army of folks to make this happen...including YOU!

Please help be a part of history and join in our efforts. Petition circulating is happening and we need good people to go out individually, or as teams, to local events and hotspots carrying our petition. We are doing well for just getting started, but we need a much bigger press as April approaches. Time is of the essence. You can help us to put one of the best written and model initiatives on the ballot and you can literally help change the lives of thousands of patients who currently have no local access to safe and effective cannabis medicines. You can be their hero.

This will be a historical effort to change our destiny through cooperative action. Please take the time to help us in our monumental effort to make patient access to personal choice medicines a reality in 2012. For more information or to sign up to volunteer, go to www.RegulateSac.org. Or you can email csparc.sac@gmail.com or call (888) 824-6863. We are counting on you to be a integral part of the mission. Thanks for your help and welcome to the CSPARC team.

Local collective groups are sponsoring qualified patient members to gather signatures. Find out if your collective is a part of the solution.

We will be hosting a volunteer appreciation dinner in early May, and hope you will be there. It is going to be an awesome time, so get signed up and get going on your signatures today. The clock is ticking on freedom and you are one of many that can help the people's voice be heard on this issue.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Please take time to make sure the petition is filled out correctly. If we do not take the time to correctly fill out the petition, or do not make sure the voter is registered in Sacramento County it is possible that we will not qualify for the ballot. We only want complete and valid signatures. To ensure we get those here are some easy to follow instructions on filling out the petition.
When a Sac County registered voter signs the petition they are using their voter power to put PARMCA 2012 on the ballot. It is your responsibility to ensure their vote is properly recorded, so that it counts.
    • The most important part is the printed area. The Elections Office must be able to read their       name and address.
    • Use permanent black or blue ballpoint pen.
    • Tell people to enter information where indicated, beginning with their printed name next to the number, their signature below, and their address next to their printed name with their city below.
    • Have them print information in legible block style lettering.
    • Have them use their full Name, including initial if they will for better identification.
    • Signatures not entered correctly are INVALID! Too many invalid signatures hurts our chances.
    • We must ensure signatures are valid and that we are not wasting time and energy on bad signatures.
    • If a person signs it incorrectly we lose that signature because they assume they have already signed.
    • Read a person’s name back to them if you are unsure. If you cannot read it neither can the voter’s office likely. Ask them to rewrite it if it is too bad that you think it might not be accepted.
    • You must be eligible to vote in CA to be a circulator.
    • Fill out the “Declaration of Circulator” on the BACK PAGE ONLY when it is full. Include The dates you gathered the signatures between (it can be the same day), the date it was executed and in what City, your signature, printed name below on the line with your address. If this section is not filled out the whole petition is invalid.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

TIPS for Signature Gathering

There are a lot of different ways for people to gather signatures, and a lot of places that you can find Sacramento County registered voters. In order to increase the validity rate of your signatures, it is important to make sure you are asking the right questions and making sure that people are signed up.

  • Find a place to gather signatures where there may be a higher percentage of voters actually registered. Look for events, or stores that cater to a more sophisticated crowd or in areas that have higher voter turn out rates.
  • Be vigilant about asking people if they are registered. be sure to let people know bad signatures can only hurt our cause, no matter how excited they are. Duplicate signatures hurt us big time. It is up to the signature gatherer to let the person know this.
  • If a signature is bad, cross it out. Some people forget to sign, or fill in something. Do not ignore it. Just cross it out, and try to watch over the signers more closely. Tell people there are 4 boxes to fill out.
  • If a person is not registered give them a voter registration card. If you do not have these you can call us directly and we will get you some, or you can pick them up at County Elections or the Secretary of State's Office in Sac. It does not take long to register. Either mark an "R" in the box to the left (not the right) of where the name goes, or write the voter registration # in the margin on the left next to their name. This let's us know they are newly registered.
  • Be nice to people. They always want to talk to someone who smiles a lot.
  • Do not ever lie to get someone to sign our petition. Plenty of people are excited about this effort. We do not ever want to mislead a voter. It is a well-written initiative, and they can read it for the details if they would like. 
  • Bring more than one clipboard, in case multiple people want to sign at once, and a table if you can.
  • Going door to door can be a good way to get signatures. About 70% of people support this cause, so it is a high rate of success and you know they are registered to the address listed.
  • Be excited. Your passion for the cause helps others to support it. 
  • If you want us to let people know on FB and Twitter where you are located, just email us your location in the AM and when you will be there and we will put the word out.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Volunteer Orientation Wednesday Feb 22nd at 7:30 pm- Farmer's Daughter

Hello all,

We will be hosting a CSPARC Volunteer Signature Gathering orientation tomorrow, Wednesday, February 22nd at 7:30 pm at the Farmer's Daughter Restaurant at 3405 El Camino Avenue. (Near Watt). We invite anyone and everyone to join us for a quick 30 minute orientation going over best practices for gathering signatures, including how to fill out petitions and voter registration cards correctly.

We hope you will join us for this brief overview and discussion of the initiative. Volunteer starter packs, including clipboards, petitions, voter reg cards, instructions, and educational materials will be available for you to pick up, if you have not already. Light snacks will be provided.

We look forward to your participation and appreciate your willingness to be a part of the solution to return medical cannabis access to Sacramento County.

What: Volunteer Orientation
When: Wed., February 22nd @ 7:30 pm
Where: Farmer's Daqughter @ 3405 El Camino Ave. in Sacramento
Why: To learn about gathering signatures and helping make PARMCA2012 a success

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to gather as many signatures as possible to help the Patients Access to Regulated Medical Cannabis Act of 2012 qualify for the November election. Be a part of the team that returned patient access and personal choice medicines back to Sacramento County. Help us to be a part of the solution. WE NEED YOU! You can make a real difference in the life of Sacramento County patients and resident. Your help will help reduce harm, increase safety, and bring needed jobs and revenues back to the County.


To get signed up, get oriented, and to get a clipboard and petitions going, either email us at csparc.sac@gmail.com or call (888) 824-6863. We will get you a copy of our orientation information and signature gathering instructions to get you going.

Ask us about the sponsorship program available. Local businesses have agreed to help us sponsor some of our dedicated petitioners and reward them with goods or services. If you are interested in learning more about how to get involved in that, just let us know.

The person who collects THE MOST valid signatures will win a grand prize to be announced soon, so stay tuned.

YOU CAN BE A PART OF HISTORY! Join the CSPARC signature mob today and work hard to make the world we want to see. When we all come together we can, and will, move the mountains that stand between patients and access to safe and effective cannabis medicine.

To submit your information to volunteer visit

Excellent Event last night. Thanks to all who came and who supported the effort.

Last night Sacramento's Momo's Longe was alive with the cannabis community. It was nice to see so many faces of the local medical cannabis community come together and enjoy fun, food, entertainment, and activism. It was a great time.

We had an awesome raffle, and many great people were stoked that they had the opportunity to win a wealth of great prizes given by local supporters and collectives. It was overwhelming the amount of response we got in just a short 48 hours. Many patients walked away with cool stuff and a smile on their face. It was great to be a part of.

We also signed up several volunteers, and gathered many signatures. Overall the night was a huge success, and one of many CSPARC events on the horizon over the next few months, so stay tuned.

Many thanks to those who were able to contribute to the cause:

  • Magnolia Wellness for sponsoring the venue
  • Northstar Holistic Collective
  • The Vintage
  • Unity Non-Profit Collective
  • River City Phoenix
  • Common Roots
  • Uncle Buck's Bakery
  • The First Amendment
  • The Sterling Group
  • Sequoia Analytical Labs
  • Steep Hill Labs
  • Greenstyle COnsulting
  • Elevated
  • Clint Werner
  • Tainted Skateworks
  • DNA Genetics
  • PureFX Edibles
  • And many other great people who I am sure I forgot...
It was inspiring and motivating to see the community come together in such an amazing fashion. Sacramento has a good core of dedicated and compassionate activists that are ready to answer the call for personal choice and patient access for their community. this is what will make the CSPARC effort a great success.

VOLUNTEERS TO GATHER SIGNATURES!!! We need all the folks we can get, and local businesses and collectives are helping to sponsor those who want to help, so email csparc.sac@gmail.com for more information. YOU can be a part of the solution.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

2/15 Personal Choice Celebration TONIGHT! HUGE RAFFLE PRIZES!

So tonight is the big CSPARC 215 Personal Choice Celebration and it looks like it is gonna be a fantastic time. We have gotten a lot of responses back from folks who will be making it out for a night of fun and excitement, and of course..activism. Please make it out and learn how you can be a part of the solution. We WILL return patient access to Sacramento County, and show the world that Sacramento supports patients and providers.

A lot of GREAT SPONSORS have donated items for a fundraising raffle, so bring a few bucks for tickets because there will be LOTS of winners. Here are some of the items we have going:

  • Hit Man Glass Piece for concentrates/vapors- Value $400+
  • Glass Waterpipe for flowers- Value $300+
  • Several options to win certificates for medicine from local dispensaries
  • Cannabis testing services from labs
  • VIP Wine Tasting
  • Skateboard Decks
  • Books
  • Hats
  • T-Shirts

All raffle funds will go to help bring patient access and personal choice back to Sacramento County. We look forward to you being there to watch history unfold!

We will also be signing up and doing orientation for those who want to volunteer to gather signatures, so come on down and get going!

Nobody will be turned away for lack of funds!!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

PARMCA 2012 Website Up

The official initiative website is up and it is looking pretty sweet. Got to www.RegulateSac.org to check it out.

There is a place for volunteers to sign up here. Ba a part of the solution.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Petitions are ready and will begin being circulated immediately. You can find them at some local collectives throughout Sacramento, and volunteers will be hitting the streets near you, so keep your eye out for the CSPARC logo on a clipboard, or stay tuned for updates on where you can find the petition to sign it.

Like our FB page here. Follow us on twitter here or @CSPARCsac

We are enlisting volunteers to make circulate petitions and gather signatures, and will have an orientation this week. Please email csparc.sac@gmail.com or call 888-824-6863 for information on getting signed up and getting sponsored for your effort. We need all the help we can get, and there are some really cool perks for signature gatherers.

We are setting up a PayPal and banking now, so if you have donations contact us directly until we work it out. Thanks.

The 2/15 party is lining up to be spectacular, so be sure to be a part of that event. We are all ready to do something to help the cause, and it should be a great turn out. NO ONE TURNED AWAY FOR LACK OF FUNDS. We would rather see you there and get your support than your donation, but if you got a $10 spot to donate to the cause then that would be most excellent and appreciated. It will take a lot to win this election, so please help in any way you can. Together we are a powerful force, sop come out and join us and find out what you can do to help.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Make A Day of It. 2/15 day of education, understanding and personal choice.


An Educational Open House with a CSPARC Presentation at noon.
3405 El Camino Ave, Sacramento, CA 95821

And hit the candle light vigil in between with Sac Patients

VOLUNTEER to help bring medical cannabis back to Sac County

We are gearing up for the big signature drive, with a soft launch this weekend and the kick-off party next week will serve as our "official" coming out party. If YOU can help us to make history and pass this historic effort through gathering signatures, pleas email csparc.sac@gmail.com for more information, and to get signed up.

Some local collectives have offered to sponsor people for signature gathering, so contact us to see if your local collective is participating, or how to get signed up through other participating collective groups.

There will also be a large prize for the volunteer who collects the most signatures, likely a VIP trip to a special upcoming event, so sign up to find out more....

It is a daunting task to sign up 100,000 Sac County registered voters, and we will need help from as many folks as possible. If you can collect just a few or a ton of signatures, we need your help. Call 888-824-6863, or email csparc.sac@gmail.com, for more information.

We look forward to the community coming together to ensure patients and providers of Sacramento County are protected and have convenient patient access to their personal choice medicines. Thanks for your help!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Party Like it is 2-15. Volunteer Kickoff and Fundraiser for CSPARC/PARMCA2012

Please join us for a night of fun, excitement, education and understanding as we kick off the campaign to bring patient access and personal choice back to Sacramento County. It will be a great time where the community can come together to learn about the Patients Access to Regulated Medical Cannabis Act of 2012 and learn how they can help be a part of the solution. Medical Marijuana Week is packed full of great opportunities this year, including an educational day at Farmer's Daughter on 2/15, followed by a candlelight vigil at the Federal Courthouse, and then this great event to wrap up a day of action and personal choice. We hope you can join us.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Initiative Measure to be Submitted Directly to the Voters

The county counsel has prepared the following title and summary of the chief purpose and points of the proposed measure:


The chief purpose of this initiative measure (“Measure”), identified as the “The Patients Access to Regulated Medical Cannabis Act of 2012,” is to establish a procedure for the registration, operation, taxation and regulation of medical cannabis dispensaries within the unincorporated area of Sacramento County.

To achieve this purpose, the Measure, if adopted, would add a new Chapter 4.70 to the Sacramento County Code to establish an administrative process for the mandatory registration of a minimum of one medical cannabis dispensary per 25,000 residents within the unincorporated area of Sacramento County.  This minimum number of authorized dispensaries would be allocated equally between the unincorporated area population within the five supervisorial districts in Sacramento County.  To the extent that the number of applications for registration exceeds the number of authorized locations, the Measure provides for the County Tax and License Collector to exercise his/her discretion to determine which applicants would best promote the public interest.  In making this determination, the Measure would require the County Tax and License Collector to consider such factors as the economics of medical cannabis dispensaries; the benefits, if any, of competition; the socio-economic composition of the population served; the geographic population distribution; the medical cannabis dispensary service capacity possessed by the applicants; and the capital investment required to provide medical cannabis dispensary services.

Registered dispensaries would be limited to locations within a commercial or industrial zone and would be prohibited within 1000 feet of a school, a park containing a playground or any youth-oriented facility.  Applicants for registration would be limited to residents of Sacramento County.  The measure also includes a variety of other regulatory criteria that an applicant for a dispensary registration would be required to satisfy.  Registered dispensaries would be required to pay to the County a supplemental sales and use tax at a maximum rate of 4% of its gross receipts.

This measure provides for the dispensary registration procedures to be administered by the County Tax and License Collector and enforced by the County Department of Environmental Management.  The County is authorized to establish a registration application fee in an amount sufficient to reimburse the County for its cost of administering and enforcing the medical cannabis dispensary law established by proposed Chapter 4.70.  Violations of proposed Chapter 4.70 would constitute a public nuisance that would be subject to abatement through a civil action brought by the County Counsel.  Violations would also be subject to civil penalties of not less than $250 or more than $25,000 for each day of violation.  

Saturday, January 7, 2012



The Patients Access to Regulated Medical Cannabis Act of 2012

The People of the County of Sacramento do hereby enact as follows:

The Patients Access to Regulated Medical Cannabis Act of 2012

Section 1                                  Title

This initiative shall be known and may be cited as The Patients Access to Regulated Medical Cannabis Act of 2012

Section 2                                  Findings and Declarations

The People of the County of Sacramento find all of the following to be true:

a.      In 1996, California voters approved Proposition 215 which was entitled the “Compassionate Use Act of 1996.  The people of the State of California declared that their purpose in  enacting the measure was “to ensure that seriously ill Californians have the right to obtain and use marijuana  for medical purposes where that medical use is deemed appropriate and has been recommended by a physician who has determined that the person’s health would benefit from the use of marijuana  in the treatment of cancer, anorexia, AIDS, chronic pain, spasticity, glaucoma, arthritis, migraine, or any other illness for which marijuana provides relief.”

b.      Proposition 215 called for plans to implement the “safe and affordable distribution of cannabis to all patients in medical need of cannabis.”

c.      Cannabis is the scientific term for “marijuana” and shall be used in the language of this Act and in all matters that address the medical application of the plant.

d.      We strongly support the right of patients to use medical cannabis in accordance with the recommendation or approval of a licensed physician in good standing with the Medical Board of California.

e.      We strongly oppose law enforcement resources being used to arrest, prosecute, and incarcerate qualified patients who use and provide medical cannabis in accordance with the Compassionate Use Act (California Health and Safety Code 11362.5) and State Bill 420 (California Health and Safety Code 11362.7 et. al)

f.       Access to medical cannabis should occur in a safe and orderly manner to protect patients and the community.  The absence of controlled dispensing organizations results in patients being forced to obtain their medicine in the illicit market, or incurring hardship and expense of from traveling great distances to obtain their medicine from outside their community.

g.      In the absence of meaningful state regulation, local governments must adopt policies and regulations to protect their communities and their resident patients’ ability to safely access their medicine.

h.     According to the California State Board of Equalization, medical cannabis organizations contribute between $50 and $100 million dollars in sales tax to the State of California annually, and provide employment to thousands of California residents. Local municipalities, including the City of Sacramento, have passed special business tax rates for medical cannabis businesses which provide revenue that can be used to fund much needed services such as public safety, education, and healthcare.

i.       The people of the County of Sacramento further find and declare that we enact this initiative pursuant to the powers reserved to the State of California, the County of Sacramento, and its people under the Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution.


Title 4 Business Regulation of the Sacramento County Charter is hereby amended to read:

Chapter 4.70            Regulations of Medical Cannabis Businesses

4.70.010                   Purposes

The purpose of this chapter is to implement California Health and Safety Code Sections11362.5 and 11362.7-11362.83, known respectively as the Compassionate Use Act of 1996 and the Medical Marijuana Program; and to impose limitations on the location of facilities lawfully used for the processing, storage and dispensing of cannabis, other than the cultivation or possession by an individual qualified patient or caregiver at the patient or caregiver’s home. The Compassionate Use Act is the state law removing state law penalties for qualified patients, and those patients’ primary caregivers, for possession and cultivation of a personal amount of medical cannabis for qualified patients. The Medical Marijuana Program Act is the state law that allows qualified patients and caregivers to collectively or cooperatively cultivate their medical marijuana. The purpose of this chapter is also to enact reasonable business and zoning limitations or other restrictions applicable to the cultivation and distribution of medical cannabis based on the needs of Sacramento County and its residents. This chapter is intended:

a.      To fulfill the purpose of the Compassionate Use Act to “implement a plan for the safe and affordable distribution of cannabis to all patients in medical need of cannabis” in accord with the Medical Marijuana Program Act to provide a well regulated program for patients and caregivers acting collectively or cooperatively to cultivate and obtain their marijuana.

b.      To help ensure that seriously ill residents of Sacramento County can obtain and use cannabis for medical purposes where that medical use has been deemed appropriate and recommended or approved by a physician who has determined the patient’s health would benefit from the use of cannabis in the treatment of cancer, anorexia, AIDS, chronic pain, spasticity, glaucoma, arthritis, migraines, or any other serious illness or condition for which cannabis provides relief. 

c.      To create a mandatory registration administrative process for a limited number of medical cannabis dispensaries to serve qualified patients in Sacramento County in accordance with state law. Nothing in this Chapter purports to permit activities that are otherwise illegal under Federal, State or local law. Nor shall any provision of this Chapter be deemed, whether directly or indirectly, to prohibit any act or acts which are prohibited by any law of the state, or local municipality in Sacramento County.

d.      To protect citizens from the adverse impacts of irresponsible or illicit medical cannabis distribution, handling, and storage.

e.      To provide additional revenue to the County of Sacramento for use in the areas of public safety, education, and healthcare.

f.       To impose further limitations on medical marijuana dispensaries beyond those imposed under the Medical Marijuana Program Act, and in no way to permit or authorize activity prohibited by state or federal law.

4.70.020                       Definitions

a.      “Board” means the California State Board of Equalization.

b.      "Cannabis" means "marijuana" as defined in Health and Safety Code Section 11018 and "concentrated cannabis" as defined in Section 11006.5.

c.      “Collector” means the Tax and License Collector’s Office for the County of Sacramento.

d.     “County” means the County of Sacramento.

e.      “Location” means the lot, or parcel, or portion of a lot or parcel that is used by a medical cannabis dispensary

f.       "Medical cannabis" means cannabis that is grown and sold pursuant to the provisions of this chapter and California Health and Safety Code Sections 11362.5 and 11362.7-11362.83, including all infusions of cannabis products containing the active ingredients of the cannabis plant.

g.      “Medical cannabis dispensary” means any organization operating in a facility, building, structure or location, other than a private residence where medical cannabis is grown for personal use and not for sale, where medical cannabis is processed, stored, transferred and/or dispensed to facilitate transactions amongst its membership in a retail setting, where a Seller’s Permit is required by the State Board of Equalization, composed of individuals who are qualified patients or designated primary caregivers of qualified patients (individually and collectively referred to as "member(s)") who associate collectively or cooperatively to facilitate the cultivation of medical cannabis, in  accordance with California Health and Safety Code Sections 11362.5 and 11362.7-11362.83.

h.     “Medical cannabis transfers” means:
1.      The transfer of medical cannabis from a primary caregiver to that primary caregiver's qualified patient for such consideration as is sufficient to reimburse that primary caregiver for the primary caregiver's out-of-pocket expenses and for the primary caregiver's services; or
2.      Transfers of medical cannabis among qualified patients or primary caregivers facilitated through an association of those qualified patients and primary caregivers who are operating as a dispensary, cooperative or collective.

i.       “Overhead Expenses” means all expenses incurred by the dispensary including accounting, advertising, cultivation materials and equipment, depreciation, insurance, legal fees, mortgage payments, rent, repairs, supplies, taxes, utilities, volunteer compensation and reimbursements, wages, fees paid to comply with the requirements of this Chapter, and any other cost associated with the operations of the dispensary.
j.       "Person" includes any individual, cooperative, firm, co-partnership, joint adventure, association, estate, trust, business trust, receiver, syndicate, or any other group or combination acting as a unit, and the plural as well as the singular number.

k.      "Playground" means any outdoor facility (including any parking lot appurtenant thereto) intended for recreation, open to the public, and with any portion thereof containing three or more separate apparatus intended for the recreation of children including, but not limited to, sliding boards, swingsets, and teeterboards.

l.       “Registrant” means any person registered by the County Tax and License Collector’s Office as a medical marijuana dispensary.

m.    “Registration list” means a list of registered medical cannabis dispensaries maintained by the Tax and License Collector’s Office pursuant to this division.

n.     “Registered dispensary” means any person listed on the registration list maintained by the Tax and License Collector’s Office pursuant to this division.

o.      “Restricted access area” means a building, room or other contiguous area upon the premises subject to registration where medical cannabis is stored, weighed, displayed, processed, packaged, sold or possessed for dispensing to qualified patients.

p.      “Retail dispensing” means the transfer of cannabis and goods or merchandise containing cannabis between qualified patients or caregivers from a physical location where it is necessary to obtain a Seller’s Permit from the State Board of Equalization.

q.      “Overhead Expenses” means all expenses incurred by the dispensary including accounting, advertising, cultivation materials and equipment, depreciation, insurance, legal fees, mortgage payments, rent, repairs, supplies, taxes, utilities, volunteer compensation and reimbursements, wages, fees paid to comply with the requirements of this Chapter, and any other cost associated with the operations of the dispensary.

r.       “School” refers to learning institutions serving K-12 student populations.

s.      “Youth Oriented Facilities” means any zoned location where the sole purpose is for activities solely for youth under 18 years of age.

Section 4                      General Provisions

4.70.030                       Medical cannabis dispensaries

a.      Pooling of Resources Recognized. The County of Sacramento recognizes that some qualified patients may not have primary caregivers and also may not be able to undertake all the physical activities necessary to cultivate cannabis for personal medical use. Accordingly, this section recognizes that qualified patients may join together with or without primary caregivers to form medical cannabis dispensaries for the purpose of acquiring in a retail setting, or cultivating and manufacturing medical cannabis solely for the personal medical use of the members who are qualified patients. The County recognizes that not all members of medical cannabis dispensaries will perform the same tasks or contribute to the collective in an equal manner. Accordingly, medical cannabis dispensaries are free to decide how to best pool their resources and divide responsibilities in cultivating medical cannabis for the personal medical use of their members who are qualified patients.

b.      Restriction on Membership. Membership in a medical cannabis dispensary must be restricted to qualified patients and primary caregivers. However, primary caregivers shall not be allowed to obtain cannabis for their own personal use unless they are also a qualified patient. Qualified patients must be verified through personal contact of the recommending physician (or his or her agent). The medical cannabis dispensary must also verify the identity of the physician, as well as his or her licensing status. Members are required to agree in writing to not distribute marijuana to non-members; and not to use cannabis obtained from the dispensary for non-medical purpose. Membership records must be maintained, and kept reasonably available, and photocopies must be kept of physician recommendations and/or identification card for all patients with their membership records. Medical cannabis dispensaries must track when members’ physician recommendation expires, and enforce conditions of membership by excluding persons whose physician recommendations are invalid or expired; or who are caught diverting cannabis for non-medical use.

c.      Restriction on Distribution to Non-Members. Medical cannabis dispensaries formed as collectives or cooperatives and each member thereof, shall not sell, barter, give away, or otherwise distribute cannabis obtained through the medical dispensary to non-members.

d.      Restriction on Holding a Liquor License. A registered dispensary shall not hold or maintain a license from the State Department of Alcohol Beverage Control to sell alcoholic beverages, or sell any alcoholic beverages.

e.      Amount of Dried Cannabis and Plants. Medical Cannabis Dispensaries may possess a reasonable quantity of dried cannabis and cannabis plants to meet the needs of their patient members. Medical cannabis dispensaries shall not accumulate more cannabis than is necessary to meet the personal medical needs of their Qualified Patients.

f.       Medical cannabis dispensaries are required to submit a Mandatory Registration Application to the Tax and License Collector’s Office.

g.      One (1) medical cannabis dispensary per 25,000, or fraction thereof, residents of the unincorporated area of Sacramento County shall be registered, calculated and registered by Board of Supervisors District Map population to ensure appropriate patient access in all areas of Sacramento County excluding municipalities, as determined by the last Federal Census or as determined by the latest population estimate of the Department of Finance of the State of California. Registrations will be limited to the population of each Board of Supervisors District to reflect the amount dispensaries in operation within any single Board of Supervisors District to assure access is spread evenly throughout the County. The Sacramento County Board of Supervisors may increase, but not decrease, the number of medical cannabis dispensaries allowed in the unincorporated County, in its discretion, at any time by resolution should need arise, or certain portions of the population are underserved.

h.     A separate supplemental sales and use tax of a maximum rate of four percent (4%) is hereby imposed upon the retail dispensing of medical cannabis in Sacramento County.

i.       Every medical cannabis dispensary, as defined in 4.70.020 of this Chapter shall pay an annual supplemental sales and use tax as follows:

1.      On and after January 1, 2013, four percent (4%) of each dollar of gross receipts for the reporting period.

2.      Notwithstanding the tax rate imposed in subsection i.1, the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors may, in its discretion, at any time by resolution implement any lower tax rate it deems appropriate, and may by resolution increase such tax rate from time to time, not to exceed the maximum tax rate established under subsection i.1.

j.       A person whose medical cannabis dispensary Mandatory Registration Application has been approved or deemed approved shall not be subject to arrest, prosecution, or other criminal, civil, or administrative sanctions under state or local law for the sale, possession, processing, manufacturing, lab testing, transportation, delivery, distribution or cultivation of medical marijuana conducted pursuant to the provisions of this article. Persons using marijuana medicinally pursuant to Section 11362.5 are entitled to the same rights and protections from civil and criminal liability as users of prescription drugs under California law.

4.70.040           Requirements for Medical Cannabis Dispensary Registration

a.      It shall be unlawful for any person to act as a medical cannabis dispensary without registering for the location at which retail medical cannabis dispensing is to occur. No person will be registered for retail dispensing of medical cannabis at other than a fixed location. No registration will be allowed for retail dispensing of medical cannabis from vehicles.

b.      Nothing in this chapter shall be construed to grant any registrant any status or right other than the right to be identified on the County’s registration list. Nothing in this chapter shall be construed to render inapplicable, supersede or apply in lieu of any other provision of applicable State of California law.

c.      The provisions of this chapter are in addition to those of Chapter 4.06 of this Code. A registered medical cannabis dispensary shall be subject to the requirements of both Chapter 4.06 and this chapter. (SCC 1273 § 1 (part), 2004).

4.70.050                       Application Process
All applications for registration shall be submitted to the Tax and License Collector in the name of each person proposing to operate a medical cannabis dispensary and shall be signed by each person or an authorized agent thereof. The application shall be in a form prescribed by the Tax and License Collector, including, but not limited to, the following information:

a.      The name, address and telephone number of the applicant.

b.      The business name, address and telephone number of the fixed location for which a registration is sought.

c.      A complete description of the type, nature and extent of the enterprise to be conducted, with evidence to the Tax and License Collector that the enterprise is a valid organization as detailed in the California Attorney General Guidelines For the Security and Non-Diversion of Marijuana Grown for Medical Use and California State Law.

d.      A plan of operations that will describe how the dispensary will operate consistent with State law, the provisions of the Chapter, and the California Attorney General Guidelines For the Security and Non-Diversion of Marijuana Grown for Medical Use, including but not limited to:

1.      Controls to verify membership in the medical cannabis dispensary to ensure medical cannabis will only be dispensed to qualified patient members and their primary caregivers;
2.      Controls to acquire, possess, transport, and distribute cannabis to and from its members, and plans to ensure marijuana is accessed as part of a closed-circuit of cannabis cultivation and consumption.
3.      Accounting procedures to ensure that the medical cannabis dispensary is operating consistent with California state law.
4.      Planned employment practices.

e.      A security plan, as a separate document, outlining the proposed security arrangement for ensuring the safety of persons and to protect the premises from theft. Security plans shall be exempt from disclosure as a public record pursuant to Government Code Section 6255(a).

f.       Whether or not the owner of the enterprise has previously been registered as a medical marijuana dispensary pursuant to this chapter that is, or was at any time, suspended or revoked and, if so, the dates of the suspension period or the date of revocation.

g.      Such other information as either the Applicant, or the Tax and License Collector deems necessary for the administration or enforcement of this chapter. (SCC 1273 § 1 (part), 2004)

h.     General business licenses will be made available to potential registrants directly following the effective date of this Act, in order to be submitted with all Medical Cannabis Dispensary Mandatory Registration Applications. The Tax and License Collector will then make available to the public a special Medical Cannabis Dispensary Mandatory Registration Application thirty (30) days following the effective date of this Act and will notice its availability on the County’s website. Applicants will then have sixty (60) days from the time when the application is made public to submit completed applications. The Tax and License Collector will then have sixty (60) days from that deadline to inform applicants by certified mail if their registration has been added to the registration list or denied.

4.70.060                       Issuance and Renewal of Registration

a.      Upon the receipt of an application for a registration, the Tax and License Collector shall register the medical marijuana dispensary unless:

1.      The application is incomplete or inaccurate; or an applicant has failed to provide information reasonably necessary for completion of registration or has knowingly answered a question or request for information falsely on the application form.

2.      An applicant or any of its officers, directors, or stockholders has been convicted of a violent felony, or felony involving fraud or deceit, in the last ten years.

3.      An applicant is employing, assisted by, or financed in whole or in part by any person who has been convicted of a violent felony, or felony involving fraud or deceit, in the last ten years.

4.      The application seeks registration for a medical cannabis dispensary at a location that is within 1000 ft. of a public or private school, park that contains a playground, or youth-oriented facility; or an address that is not in a commercial or industrial zone, or its equivalent as may be amended, by the County.

5.      The application is for a medical cannabis dispensary at a location that appears on the registration list that is suspended, has been revoked, or is subject to suspension or revocation proceedings for violation of any of the provisions of this chapter; provided, however, this subparagraph shall not constitute a basis for denial of a registration if either or both of the following apply:

A.    The applicant provides the County with documentation demonstrating that the applicant had acquired or is acquiring the premises or business in an arm’s length transaction. For the purposes of this subparagraph, an “arm’s length transaction” is defined as a sale in good faith and for valuable consideration that reflects the fair market value in the open market between two informed and willing parties, neither under any compulsion to participate in the transaction. A sale between relatives, related companies or partners, or a sale for the primary purpose of avoiding the effect of the violations of this chapter that occurred at the location, is presumed not to be an “arm’s length transaction”;

B.     It has been more than five years since the most recent registration  for that location was revoked;

6.      The application seeks registration for a medical cannabis dispensary that is unlawful pursuant to this Code, or that is unlawful pursuant to any other local or state law; or,

7.      The Tax and License Collector has information that the applicant or his or her agents or employees have violated any local, state or medical cannabis control law at the location for which the registration or renewal of the registration is sought within the preceding thirty-day (30) period, except where section 4.70.130 (b)(1) is applicable.

8.      There are grounds for denial pursuant to Chapter 4.06 of this Code.

9.      No General Business License has been granted for the organization pursuant to Chapter 4.06 of this Code.

10.   No State of California Seller’s Permit has been granted for the organization.

11.   An applicant is under twenty-one years of age.

12.   An applicant is a licensed physician making patient recommendations.

13.   An applicant, or the medical cannabis facility location for which the applicant is applying for registration, fails to meet the requirements of this chapter.

14.   The Collector will register medical cannabis dispensaries as he or she, in his or her discretion, determine will best promote the public interest, however, the Collector will fill all available slots for registrations from the pool of eligible applicants.  The public interest shall be deemed best promoted by the apportionment of services in a manner which assures the most comprehensive, reliable and professional services. In determining what best promotes the public interest, the Collector shall consider such factors as the economics of medical cannabis dispensaries; the benefits, if any, of competition; the socio-economic composition of the population served; the geographic population distribution; the medical cannabis dispensary service capacity possessed by registrants; and the capital investment required to provide medical cannabis dispensing services.  In the event there are more applications for registrations to operate dispensaries than the limitation in subdivision (a) of this section allows, the qualified applicant or applicants to whom is/are registered shall be selected by the Tax Collector based on his or her discretion as to which applicant would least impact the peace, order and welfare of the public. Once all available number of applications are registered, no applications will be accepted or considered until such time as an additional registration slots becomes available. When the additional registration becomes available, applications will then be taken and will be considered as provided herein upon the timely filing of a new application therefore. For purposes of this subdivision of this section, the unrevoked, valid, and unexpired registration of a Dispensary Registrant who has filed a timely application for renewal of the registration is not considered an additional registration available until the renewal application has been denied and the appeal thereof, if any, has become final.

b.      Registration listing shall be valid for two years and an application for renewal must be filed not later than thirty (30) days prior to the expiration of the registration, but no earlier than sixty (60) days prior to the expiration of the registration. Unless revoked on an earlier date, all registrations shall expire two years after the date of being registered. A registration may be renewed for additional periods of two years by submitting an application to the Tax and License Collector and payment of the applicable registration fee; provided, however, a registration that is suspended, has been revoked, or is subject to suspension or revocation proceedings shall not be renewed. The application and registration fee shall be submitted at least thirty (30) days, but not more than sixty (60) days, prior to the expiration of the current valid registration. The applicant shall follow all of the procedures and provide all of the information required by Section 4.70.050. The Tax and License Collector shall process the application according to the provisions of this section. Provided that an application is made within the time period required by this subdivision, a registrant may continue the sale of medical cannabis products pending a determination of the Tax and License Collector to renew or disapprove the registration.

c.      Where the Tax and License Collector does not approve a registration or renewal of a registration, the procedures for denial, including appeals therefrom, of Chapter 4.06 of this Code shall apply. (SCC 1273 § 1 (part), 2004)

4.70.070                       Display of Registration Information and Public Health Information

a.      Each registrant shall prominently display in a publicly visible location at the registered premises a letter from the Tax and License Collector’s Office stating that they have been added to the County’s registration list.

b.      The medical cannabis dispensary shall, within sixty (60) days of the issuance of the registration, post, and thereafter maintain signs within the facility where they may be easily read by members. Each sign shall be white with black lettering and shall comply with the following regulations regarding text, size, and content:

            Sign 1: Font size at least 1 inch; Overall size at least 18” by 24”




Sign 2: Font size at least 1 inch;


Sign 3: Font size at least 1 inch; Overall size at least 18” by 24”



Sign 3: Font size at least 1 inch; Overall size at least 18” by 24”



Sign 4: Font size at least 1 inch; Overall size at least 18” by 24”


4.70.080                       Signage and Advertising Restrictions

The exterior signage for the medical cannabis dispensary shall be limited to one wall sign not to exceed ten (10) square feet in area, and one (1) identifying door or window sign not to exceed two (2) square feet in area. Exterior signs on the dispensary building shall not obstruct the entrance or windows on the dispensary. Signage and any advertising done should not contain cannabis imagery such as cannabis leaves, plants, smoke, paraphernalia, or cartoonish imagery that could be considered oriented towards youth.

4.70.090                       Quality Assurance Encouraged

The County of Sacramento strongly encourages all qualified patients, primary caregivers, and medical cannabis collectives to consult the available cannabis cultivation literature and to use testing services to ensure that the medical cannabis is free of toxins and molds.

4.70.100                       Registration Fee

The fee for registration shall be established by resolution of the Board of Supervisors no later than thirty (30) days after the effective date of this Act, and shall be in addition to the County’s General Business License fee imposed by this Code and supplemental sales and use tax imposed by this Chapter upon the applicant. The registration fee, together with any other applicable fee, shall be paid to the County at the time the Mandatory Registration Application is submitted. The amount of the fee shall be determined on the basis of the costs of the Department of Environmental Management incurs in the enforcement and administration of medical cannabis dispensary laws together with the costs, including the costs of counsel, of the Tax and License Collector incurred in the administration of this chapter. (SCC 1273 § 1 (part), 2004)

4.70.110                       Registration Non-Transferable

A medical cannabis dispensary registration is nontransferable. If a registered dispensary changes business location, that registrant must obtain a new registration prior to acting as a medical cannabis dispensary at the new location. If a registered dispensary is forced to change locations due to no fault or desire of their own, such as a landlord selling the building, they will be given sixty (60) days to relocate from the time they notify the Collector’s office, during which time their registration is not considered an available registration unless the registrant surrenders the registration in writing, or fails to submit a valid application for a new location within the allotted sixty (60) days. If a medical cannabis dispensary changes registrant, the new registrant must register for that location before acting as a medical cannabis dispensary. (SCC 1273 § 1 (part), 2004).

4.70.120                       Registration Violation

It shall be a violation of a registration for a registrant or his or her agents or employees to violate any local or state medical cannabis-related law. (SCC 1273 § 1 (part), 2004)

4.70.130                       Suspension or Revocation of Registration

a.      In addition to any other remedy authorized by law, a registration shall be suspended or revoked as provided in this section, if the Tax and License Collector finds, in writing, that the registrant or his or her agents or employees have violated any local or state laws, rules or regulations regarding the dispensing of medical cannabis. Additionally, if a registrant is found to be in violation of any other of the provisions of this chapter or Chapter 4.06 and, upon re-inspection of the registered and certified premises is found, in writing, to be in continued violation, the registration may be suspended or revoked; provided, however, violations by a registrant at one location may not be accumulated against other locations of that same registrant, nor may violations accumulated against a prior registrant at a registered location be accumulated against a new registrant at the same registered location; provided that the new registrant demonstrates, to the satisfaction of the Tax and License Collector that the premises were acquired in an arm’s length transaction.
1.      Upon a finding by the Tax and License Collector of a registration violation involving knowingly dispensing medical cannabis to a person who is not a qualified patient, or primary caregiver, the registration shall be revoked.
2.      For all other violations of this chapter, the Environmental Management Department may issue a written warning to the registrant regarding the violation and require re-inspection of the premises to determine that the violation has been cured. Costs of re-inspection shall be charged to the registrant. If, after re-inspection, the violation has not been cured, the Environmental Management Department will recommend the Tax and License Collector proceed to suspend or revoke the registration.
b.      Notwithstanding Section 4.70.130(a), a registration shall be revoked if the Tax and License Collector finds that either one or both of the following conditions exist:
1.      One or more of the bases for denial of a registration under Section 4.70.060 existed at the time application was made, or at any time before the dispensary was added to the registration list. Medical cannabis dispensaries operating prior to the enactment of this chapter are exempt from denial based solely on their prior operation in Sacramento County.
2.      The information contained in the Mandatory Registration Application, including supplemental information, if any, is found to be false in any material respect.
c.      In the event the Tax and License Collector suspends or revokes a registration, the procedures regarding suspension or revocation, including appeals therefrom, as set forth in Chapter 4.06 of this Code shall apply.
d.      A registrant for whom a registration suspension is in effect must remove all medical cannabis products from the address that appears on the suspended registration on the registration list. (SCC 1273 § 1 (part), 2004).

4.70.140                       Enforcement

a.      Any violation of this chapter may be remedied by a civil action brought by the County Counsel. The County may recover reasonable attorney fees and costs of suit in any civil action brought by the County Counsel to remedy any violation of this chapter.  If no violation is found, the registrant may recover reasonable attorney fees and costs of defending the action.
b.      Any person violating the provisions of this chapter shall also be liable for civil penalties of not less than two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00) or more than twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000.00) for each day the violation continues.
c.      Violations of this chapter are hereby declared to be public nuisances subject to abatement by the County. (SCC 1273 § 1 (part), 2004)

4.70.150                       Zoning

a.     In order to effectuate the purposes of The Patients Access to Regulated Medical Cannabis Act of 2012, it is hereby necessary to remove Title 1 of the Zoning Code Section 101-14 as inconsistent with the goals of safe and effective zoning.

b.   All registered medical cannabis dispensaries shall be located a minimum of 1000 feet distance from parks with playgrounds, schools, and youth oriented facilities.

4.70.160                       Applicants Restricted To Sacramento County Residents

Applicants for registration or renewal applicants must be current residents of Sacramento County.  The Tax and License Collector can require applicants, or registrants seeking renewal, to present evidence of residence in Sacramento County in the form of state tax filing returns, utilities bills, mortgage or rental agreements for the applicant’s primary residence.   New Applicants will be required to demonstrate Sacramento County residency for one year prior to the initial application, and renewal Applicants will be required to demonstrate Sacramento County residency for the previous two years.

4.70.170                       Severability

Should any provision of this chapter, or its application to any person or circumstance, be determined by a court of competent jurisdiction to be unlawful, unenforceable or otherwise void, that determination shall have no effect on any other provision of this chapter or the application of this chapter to any other person or circumstance and, to that end, the provisions hereof are severable.

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