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Friday, June 29, 2012

The Bad News and The Good News

Unfortunately it looks like we will likely come up short for making the November Ballot. That is the bad news. We needed 42,300 signatures and we came up with about 25,000 and still counting, so far. The reality is that we never had enough money and the money we did have was too little too late. It has been a rough time for fundraising and the eight statewide petitions that we were competing with were overwhelming. We needed to have our signatures in by Monday at the latest to ensure we made the cutoff for the November ballot. We missed that goal.

THE GOOD NEWS...We still have until July 23rd to get the signatures we need to make a future ballot. It would take a bold and unified effort from the activist community to make it happen. Believe we have not given up by any means; but WE NEED HELP. LIKE NOW!

We need at least another 40-50,000 signatures to qualify this. It sounds like a lot. The reality is that it is; but it is FAR FROM IMPOSSIBLE. I am not sure if there is any renewed sense of urgency in the patient and activist community in CA and in Sacramento, but if you ever wanted to step up and do your part to make cannabis more accessible for patients and help us lift the ban on patient and collective cultivation in Sac County, YOU MUST ACT NOW!

If 100 Activist and Supporters committed to gathering 500 signatures each over the next 3 weeks, we could pull this off. I can commit to my 500 right now. If any other activists want to step up to the plate to help us pull this thing off call 888-824-6863; or email csparc.sac@gmail.com. We will get you all set up. We still have our offices open and Kimberly will still be working until we are finished.

We unfortunately cannot afford to pay signature gatherers any longer, as our funding commitments decided to restock the war-chest for another run at this initiative in the near future; but we do have a lot of good incentives for activists and volunteers who want to help us keep going.

It continues to be a great campaign. We have seen and learned a lot about the community and have been very grateful from the response we have received by most all. It has been refreshing to be a part of. Much of the patient and activist community has come together to find a more unified voice. It is inspiring. We understand the magnitude of the project we have taken on and hope we can finish it off with a great last push from the dedicated Sacramento patient community,

BUT YOU MUST GET OFF THE COUCH AND COLLECT SOME SIGNATURES NOW IF WE WANT THIS TO HAPPEN. That is the bottom line. We are well on our way, but we will need some hard work and dedication over the next weeks to qualify the Patients Access to Regulated Medical Cannabis Act for a future ballot. A miracle is not likely to happen; but a SOLID EFFORT from a passionate and unified community could still get us to our ultimate goal of patient access to personal choice cannabis medicines.

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