To volunteer for signature gathering of Sacramento County residents for PARMCA2012 email csparc.sac@gmail.com. Help us make history and be a part of the solution. TO RETURN PETITIONS CONTACT (888) 824-6863 OR DELIVER THEM TO 2045 HALLMARK DR., SUITE 6, SACRAMENTO 95825. Call for office hours.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Please take time to make sure the petition is filled out correctly. If we do not take the time to correctly fill out the petition, or do not make sure the voter is registered in Sacramento County it is possible that we will not qualify for the ballot. We only want complete and valid signatures. To ensure we get those here are some easy to follow instructions on filling out the petition.
When a Sac County registered voter signs the petition they are using their voter power to put PARMCA 2012 on the ballot. It is your responsibility to ensure their vote is properly recorded, so that it counts.
    • The most important part is the printed area. The Elections Office must be able to read their       name and address.
    • Use permanent black or blue ballpoint pen.
    • Tell people to enter information where indicated, beginning with their printed name next to the number, their signature below, and their address next to their printed name with their city below.
    • Have them print information in legible block style lettering.
    • Have them use their full Name, including initial if they will for better identification.
    • Signatures not entered correctly are INVALID! Too many invalid signatures hurts our chances.
    • We must ensure signatures are valid and that we are not wasting time and energy on bad signatures.
    • If a person signs it incorrectly we lose that signature because they assume they have already signed.
    • Read a person’s name back to them if you are unsure. If you cannot read it neither can the voter’s office likely. Ask them to rewrite it if it is too bad that you think it might not be accepted.
    • You must be eligible to vote in CA to be a circulator.
    • Fill out the “Declaration of Circulator” on the BACK PAGE ONLY when it is full. Include The dates you gathered the signatures between (it can be the same day), the date it was executed and in what City, your signature, printed name below on the line with your address. If this section is not filled out the whole petition is invalid.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

TIPS for Signature Gathering

There are a lot of different ways for people to gather signatures, and a lot of places that you can find Sacramento County registered voters. In order to increase the validity rate of your signatures, it is important to make sure you are asking the right questions and making sure that people are signed up.

  • Find a place to gather signatures where there may be a higher percentage of voters actually registered. Look for events, or stores that cater to a more sophisticated crowd or in areas that have higher voter turn out rates.
  • Be vigilant about asking people if they are registered. be sure to let people know bad signatures can only hurt our cause, no matter how excited they are. Duplicate signatures hurt us big time. It is up to the signature gatherer to let the person know this.
  • If a signature is bad, cross it out. Some people forget to sign, or fill in something. Do not ignore it. Just cross it out, and try to watch over the signers more closely. Tell people there are 4 boxes to fill out.
  • If a person is not registered give them a voter registration card. If you do not have these you can call us directly and we will get you some, or you can pick them up at County Elections or the Secretary of State's Office in Sac. It does not take long to register. Either mark an "R" in the box to the left (not the right) of where the name goes, or write the voter registration # in the margin on the left next to their name. This let's us know they are newly registered.
  • Be nice to people. They always want to talk to someone who smiles a lot.
  • Do not ever lie to get someone to sign our petition. Plenty of people are excited about this effort. We do not ever want to mislead a voter. It is a well-written initiative, and they can read it for the details if they would like. 
  • Bring more than one clipboard, in case multiple people want to sign at once, and a table if you can.
  • Going door to door can be a good way to get signatures. About 70% of people support this cause, so it is a high rate of success and you know they are registered to the address listed.
  • Be excited. Your passion for the cause helps others to support it. 
  • If you want us to let people know on FB and Twitter where you are located, just email us your location in the AM and when you will be there and we will put the word out.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Volunteer Orientation Wednesday Feb 22nd at 7:30 pm- Farmer's Daughter

Hello all,

We will be hosting a CSPARC Volunteer Signature Gathering orientation tomorrow, Wednesday, February 22nd at 7:30 pm at the Farmer's Daughter Restaurant at 3405 El Camino Avenue. (Near Watt). We invite anyone and everyone to join us for a quick 30 minute orientation going over best practices for gathering signatures, including how to fill out petitions and voter registration cards correctly.

We hope you will join us for this brief overview and discussion of the initiative. Volunteer starter packs, including clipboards, petitions, voter reg cards, instructions, and educational materials will be available for you to pick up, if you have not already. Light snacks will be provided.

We look forward to your participation and appreciate your willingness to be a part of the solution to return medical cannabis access to Sacramento County.

What: Volunteer Orientation
When: Wed., February 22nd @ 7:30 pm
Where: Farmer's Daqughter @ 3405 El Camino Ave. in Sacramento
Why: To learn about gathering signatures and helping make PARMCA2012 a success

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to gather as many signatures as possible to help the Patients Access to Regulated Medical Cannabis Act of 2012 qualify for the November election. Be a part of the team that returned patient access and personal choice medicines back to Sacramento County. Help us to be a part of the solution. WE NEED YOU! You can make a real difference in the life of Sacramento County patients and resident. Your help will help reduce harm, increase safety, and bring needed jobs and revenues back to the County.


To get signed up, get oriented, and to get a clipboard and petitions going, either email us at csparc.sac@gmail.com or call (888) 824-6863. We will get you a copy of our orientation information and signature gathering instructions to get you going.

Ask us about the sponsorship program available. Local businesses have agreed to help us sponsor some of our dedicated petitioners and reward them with goods or services. If you are interested in learning more about how to get involved in that, just let us know.

The person who collects THE MOST valid signatures will win a grand prize to be announced soon, so stay tuned.

YOU CAN BE A PART OF HISTORY! Join the CSPARC signature mob today and work hard to make the world we want to see. When we all come together we can, and will, move the mountains that stand between patients and access to safe and effective cannabis medicine.

To submit your information to volunteer visit

Excellent Event last night. Thanks to all who came and who supported the effort.

Last night Sacramento's Momo's Longe was alive with the cannabis community. It was nice to see so many faces of the local medical cannabis community come together and enjoy fun, food, entertainment, and activism. It was a great time.

We had an awesome raffle, and many great people were stoked that they had the opportunity to win a wealth of great prizes given by local supporters and collectives. It was overwhelming the amount of response we got in just a short 48 hours. Many patients walked away with cool stuff and a smile on their face. It was great to be a part of.

We also signed up several volunteers, and gathered many signatures. Overall the night was a huge success, and one of many CSPARC events on the horizon over the next few months, so stay tuned.

Many thanks to those who were able to contribute to the cause:

  • Magnolia Wellness for sponsoring the venue
  • Northstar Holistic Collective
  • The Vintage
  • Unity Non-Profit Collective
  • River City Phoenix
  • Common Roots
  • Uncle Buck's Bakery
  • The First Amendment
  • The Sterling Group
  • Sequoia Analytical Labs
  • Steep Hill Labs
  • Greenstyle COnsulting
  • Elevated
  • Clint Werner
  • Tainted Skateworks
  • DNA Genetics
  • PureFX Edibles
  • And many other great people who I am sure I forgot...
It was inspiring and motivating to see the community come together in such an amazing fashion. Sacramento has a good core of dedicated and compassionate activists that are ready to answer the call for personal choice and patient access for their community. this is what will make the CSPARC effort a great success.

VOLUNTEERS TO GATHER SIGNATURES!!! We need all the folks we can get, and local businesses and collectives are helping to sponsor those who want to help, so email csparc.sac@gmail.com for more information. YOU can be a part of the solution.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

2/15 Personal Choice Celebration TONIGHT! HUGE RAFFLE PRIZES!

So tonight is the big CSPARC 215 Personal Choice Celebration and it looks like it is gonna be a fantastic time. We have gotten a lot of responses back from folks who will be making it out for a night of fun and excitement, and of course..activism. Please make it out and learn how you can be a part of the solution. We WILL return patient access to Sacramento County, and show the world that Sacramento supports patients and providers.

A lot of GREAT SPONSORS have donated items for a fundraising raffle, so bring a few bucks for tickets because there will be LOTS of winners. Here are some of the items we have going:

  • Hit Man Glass Piece for concentrates/vapors- Value $400+
  • Glass Waterpipe for flowers- Value $300+
  • Several options to win certificates for medicine from local dispensaries
  • Cannabis testing services from labs
  • VIP Wine Tasting
  • Skateboard Decks
  • Books
  • Hats
  • T-Shirts

All raffle funds will go to help bring patient access and personal choice back to Sacramento County. We look forward to you being there to watch history unfold!

We will also be signing up and doing orientation for those who want to volunteer to gather signatures, so come on down and get going!

Nobody will be turned away for lack of funds!!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

PARMCA 2012 Website Up

The official initiative website is up and it is looking pretty sweet. Got to www.RegulateSac.org to check it out.

There is a place for volunteers to sign up here. Ba a part of the solution.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Petitions are ready and will begin being circulated immediately. You can find them at some local collectives throughout Sacramento, and volunteers will be hitting the streets near you, so keep your eye out for the CSPARC logo on a clipboard, or stay tuned for updates on where you can find the petition to sign it.

Like our FB page here. Follow us on twitter here or @CSPARCsac

We are enlisting volunteers to make circulate petitions and gather signatures, and will have an orientation this week. Please email csparc.sac@gmail.com or call 888-824-6863 for information on getting signed up and getting sponsored for your effort. We need all the help we can get, and there are some really cool perks for signature gatherers.

We are setting up a PayPal and banking now, so if you have donations contact us directly until we work it out. Thanks.

The 2/15 party is lining up to be spectacular, so be sure to be a part of that event. We are all ready to do something to help the cause, and it should be a great turn out. NO ONE TURNED AWAY FOR LACK OF FUNDS. We would rather see you there and get your support than your donation, but if you got a $10 spot to donate to the cause then that would be most excellent and appreciated. It will take a lot to win this election, so please help in any way you can. Together we are a powerful force, sop come out and join us and find out what you can do to help.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Make A Day of It. 2/15 day of education, understanding and personal choice.


An Educational Open House with a CSPARC Presentation at noon.
3405 El Camino Ave, Sacramento, CA 95821

And hit the candle light vigil in between with Sac Patients

VOLUNTEER to help bring medical cannabis back to Sac County

We are gearing up for the big signature drive, with a soft launch this weekend and the kick-off party next week will serve as our "official" coming out party. If YOU can help us to make history and pass this historic effort through gathering signatures, pleas email csparc.sac@gmail.com for more information, and to get signed up.

Some local collectives have offered to sponsor people for signature gathering, so contact us to see if your local collective is participating, or how to get signed up through other participating collective groups.

There will also be a large prize for the volunteer who collects the most signatures, likely a VIP trip to a special upcoming event, so sign up to find out more....

It is a daunting task to sign up 100,000 Sac County registered voters, and we will need help from as many folks as possible. If you can collect just a few or a ton of signatures, we need your help. Call 888-824-6863, or email csparc.sac@gmail.com, for more information.

We look forward to the community coming together to ensure patients and providers of Sacramento County are protected and have convenient patient access to their personal choice medicines. Thanks for your help!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Party Like it is 2-15. Volunteer Kickoff and Fundraiser for CSPARC/PARMCA2012

Please join us for a night of fun, excitement, education and understanding as we kick off the campaign to bring patient access and personal choice back to Sacramento County. It will be a great time where the community can come together to learn about the Patients Access to Regulated Medical Cannabis Act of 2012 and learn how they can help be a part of the solution. Medical Marijuana Week is packed full of great opportunities this year, including an educational day at Farmer's Daughter on 2/15, followed by a candlelight vigil at the Federal Courthouse, and then this great event to wrap up a day of action and personal choice. We hope you can join us.