To volunteer for signature gathering of Sacramento County residents for PARMCA2012 email csparc.sac@gmail.com. Help us make history and be a part of the solution. TO RETURN PETITIONS CONTACT (888) 824-6863 OR DELIVER THEM TO 2045 HALLMARK DR., SUITE 6, SACRAMENTO 95825. Call for office hours.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sac County patients need your help. Please help us lift the ban and restore access!

Please Forward Widely!

Greetings All,

  • Over 10,000 signatures gathered
  • Dozens of paid signature gatherers started working on PARMCA this week!
  • We have raised nearly $70,000 to pay for signatures. We need a little over $30k more.
  • We have over 150 volunteers helping with the effort.
  • Over a dozen local collective groups have made generous donations to our campaign. 
  • Over a hundred individuals have donated to our campaign. 
  • We are meeting our current objectives for signatures and are on pace to make the ballot if we secure funding.

It is crunch time for the Patients Access to Regulated medical Cannabis Act in Sacramento County. The last statewide petition ends this week and all local petitioners are beginning to take on our petition. We have a field coordinator who has begun to gather signatures by the bunches for us that we are paying $1.25 each for. We are beginning to see thousands of signatures come in every couple of days. It is very exciting.

We have secured almost $70,000 of funding for the signatures. We need help from the community to make it over the hump. Can you help? Any size donation is much appreciated. We have until the end of May to make up the difference if we want to qualify this thing for the ballot and lift the ban on medical cannabis in Sacramento County. Tens of thousands of patients there are entering a growing season unsure about the ramifications of their garden due to a draconian ban placed there in December. If we can qualify for the ballot we may be able to roll back enforcement there by June! Please help us reach our goal.

We have over 150 volunteers working part time on the campaign, many helping us to verify signatures as they come in and some working local events for us. We are grateful for their hard work and welcome many more to join us on this journey.

To donate visit www.RegulateSac.org and click on the donate button. There is also a fundraising letter and donation card attached to this email if you want to mail it in. Information on the initiative is there for you to view as well. We hope you will help us meet our fundraising goal in time to meet our deadline in June. Thanks for helping us to restore sanity to patient access in Sac County. 

In Solidarity,
The Committee for Safe Patient Access to Regulated Cannabis
Sacramento, CA
Find Us on FB Here
Phone: 888-824-6863

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