To volunteer for signature gathering of Sacramento County residents for PARMCA2012 email csparc.sac@gmail.com. Help us make history and be a part of the solution. TO RETURN PETITIONS CONTACT (888) 824-6863 OR DELIVER THEM TO 2045 HALLMARK DR., SUITE 6, SACRAMENTO 95825. Call for office hours.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Get Paid to Gather Signatures in Sac County!

We are in need of signatures to qualify the Patients Access to Regulated Medical Cannabis Act of 2012 for the Ballot. We are paying $1 for every valid signature gathered. If you want to get involved and make some fun money on the side to help us push this thing over the edge please contact us as soon as possible. We have about 30 days left to get it done.

For info email: csparc.sac@gmail.com or call 888-824-6863

We look forward to your help. Thanks for your support.

1 comment:

  1. You are on the front lines and I appreciate it.
    Sacramento is Our capitol and the police attacked OUR way of life viciously.
    They have tried to make too many citizens criminals. Doing things like opening up houses that were caught growing to the public trying to expand ridicule like what they did to Bob Ames in 1999 and it still effects his life today.
    Over a ONE FIXTURE GROW MAN it was truly evil. ,
    and Sac has never really changed.
    The Sacramento Police being the worse along with State Police. Sacramento prosecutors will turn cases they lose over to the FEDS and that was as LOW AS IT GETS.
    There is no support for safe access in Sacramento.
    Having to gather signatures after the battle was won is ongoing harassment.
    The citizens who dispense in town are urban heroes who fight for our rights and take big risks.
    Keep up the good work and be careful with the police while working.
    Their watching.
    Wringing their self righteous hands forcing their dogma on everyone.
    The FACTS will be the reason We rise above the muck of REEFER MADNESS attacks the Medical realm.
    We need to cram the fact that according to the RAND REPORT dispensaries are harm reduction at its best.